The 3 Best Things About Eat Stop Eat

The 3 Best Things About Eat Stop Eat

to diet or not to diet

Which Way to Go?

Aren’t we always on the lookout for the perfect diet? We want the diet that will really make a difference, that will help us achieve our weight loss goals, get into shape and live life fully. But the tricky thing is that it’s hard to find the right diet, especially when there are so many options out there. They seem to come and go all the time.

And most, sadly, don’t live up to their promises.

Among the latest diets, you’ve probably heard of people using fasting to lose weight. Obviously, if you don’t eat you’ll lose weight.  Duh. The trick is to fast in a way that maintains your health, strength and muscle mass. The proponents of intermittent fasting claim it does just that.

Eat Stop Eat and Intermittent Fasting

The Eat Stop Eat program takes an effective approach to weight loss using intermittent fasting. It’s not like the fasting you have in mind where you practically have to starve yourself to get results. The beauty of intermittent fasting is that you won’t be fasting day in and day out. With the program, you fast one or two days a week. Just think about the title of the book and program – Eat Stop Eat.  Eating is definitely part of the deal. You won’t be missing out on eating food most days.

3 Best Things about Eat Stop Eat

Let’s take a look at the 3 best things about Eat Stop Eat and what it can do for you. I’ll list them quickly and then discuss them in more detail below:

  • It’s scientifically and nutritionally sound
  • It’s practical, flexible and easy to follow
  • It avoids the metabolic pitfalls of so many other weight loss plans that doom them to failure in the long run

Created by an Expert

The Eat Stop Eat program was created by a fitness expert and nutritionist. In other words, it’s designed by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about – none other than Brad Pilon, a nationally respected fitness guru.

Before writing this book, he reflected on his own experience and that of his clients.  He took time to research everything out there about weight loss and nutrition. He refined and tested his ideas and eventually created the Eat Stop Eat program.

He calls what he has come up with an “anti-diet” program that he claims is suited for anyone who wants to lose weight.

His book shares useful tips to help you achieve weight loss. It informs you about what foods to avoid and how certain foods can negatively impact on your health. There are also categories of the important types of food and the ideal amount of each that you need to keep fit.

It’s all about eating right. What’s more, Eat Stop Eat is scientifically proven which means that following the program will give results and is safe as well.

You Can Adapt It to Your Lifestyle

It’s practical and flexible: There’s nothing worse than going on a diet and ending up not being able to do it. Eat Stop Eat is not like any other diet – it’s an anti-diet – and you’re able to choose what day or days you’re going to fast during the week.

When you’re doing a 24 hour fast, it means you have to go without food and can only depend on liquids. That is to say, calorie free drinks such as green tea, herbal tea and water. It’s about cutting down on your calories in a way that is straightforward and simple to follow. But to fast just once or twice a week minimizes disruption to you life.

Also, it doesn’t mean you have to stop eating the whole day. To fast 24 hours you can eat normally until 6pm one day and then fast until 6pm the next day. That way, it’ll be easier for you to get the benefits of fasting.

Another thing is that you will be able to get results without having to make major changes to your eating habits. You don’t have to sacrifice on your favorite foods – you have the freedom to eat what you like during your non-fast days.

Obviously, you’re encouraged to stay on the healthy side of things. And after you read the book, you can decide on your own eating style so that you consume less calories. The program doesn’t come with a rigid diet plan and you’re able to choose whatever option works for you. People following the Eat Stop Eat Program will eat less food and consume more food that is high in protein.

You Maintain a Healthy Metabolism

Eat Stop Eat provides a healthy and effective weight loss solution. The program incorporates intermittent fasting which enables you to cut down on your calories, reduce hunger cravings and ultimately burn fat safely.

Going without eating for 24 hours means we’re using stored calories.  That is, we’re burning stored fat. Yet the duration of the fast isn’t long enough to slow down our metabolism or shift our hormonal balance. Before your metabolism has time to slow in response to the reduced calorie intake, you’re eating again.

Evolution Supports Intermittent Fasting

On balance, it appears that the 24 hour fasting regime is a nutritional and healthy way of losing weight. According to Brad Pilon, our bodies are normally designed to be in a continuous cycle of feeding and fasting. When we consume a large amount of food, some of it gets stored by our bodies as fat so that it can be burned later when we have limited food intake.  Historically, food wasn’t always as readily available as it is today.  Therefore, intermittent fasting mimics the diet patterns of our ancestors – taking small but regular fasts. 

With the Eat Stop Eat program, fasting once or twice a week will be equivalent to following an entire week of strict dieting.  You will get the same results in terms of weight loss, but it will be easier and simpler to follow. Also, because your calorie intake will be higher some days than others, you won’t force your body into starvation survival mode.

The program is not complicated, and can suit anyone’s lifestyle. It will make a difference and help you get into the shape you always wanted.

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